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I got these pedals as a birthday present from a good buddy of mine. He saw that I was having problems with my Shimanos and was like "Try these, I think you'll have much better success." And without hesitation I slapped 'em on my bike and hit the trail. It took a little getting used too, but now I'll never go back to Shimano. I've actually talked my girlfriend into making the switch as well. Crank Bros are definitely the way to go! If I ever need to replace the Candy C, I'm going to go with the Candy Sl


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Some days these pedals were (and I stress were) easy to get out of. Some days I would crash at a stand still. One pedal's tension screw stripped while trying to adjust, making 3 sides fairly easy (as long as you clipped in cleanly) and one side impossible to get out of. When I'm riding, the last thing I want to worry about is if I clipped in cleanly (meaning will I get out with no problem) and if I'm clipped into the stripped side. I've heard other people having similar problems with these pedals (i.e bad crashes because they couldn't escape, not too mention how easy they get caked with mud). Since, I have made the switch to Crank Bros and will never go back to Shimano. The Crank Bros pedals are better in my opinion. More simple and more consistent.