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Bottom Line Up Front: Bare Access 2 provides the sweet spot for runners looking for light weight and zero drop but not wanting to go all the way to strips of rubber.
+ Footbox is roomy and the upper is very airy mesh. Heel cup is very flexible.
+ Vibram rubber soles with uniform traction along the entire sole.
+ Enough cushion to keep feet from bruising, but still able to feel the road.
+ Zero drop to let those calves do the work and save your knees!
Keep in Mind:
- Though Vibram, the rubber is a thinner layer to keep light and will reduce overall durability a bit on all but the most light footed efficient runners.
- Lacing is normal, not Omni-Fit from the Trail Gloves--something they should really bring over to these shoes to make them perfect!
- As with all zero drop shoes transition from standard running shoes should be carefully monitored and gradual.

I jumped into minimalist shoes with a pair of Vibrams a few years back and strained a calf on my first run--knocked me out of the game for most of a summer. Backed off to Asics Blur-33 for the road and kept the Vibrams and a pair of Merrell Trail Gloves for the woods. Loved the Trail Gloves so much that I wanted a pair from the M-Connect line for another foray into roadwork. Felt the Road Gloves would be too much, gave the Bare Access 2 a shot. I'm totally hooked! 100+ miles on them and they have minor wear I'd expect for my 6'1" 190 body and less than perfect stride. I'm a 10.5 in my Asics and a 10 in Trail Gloves and now the Bare Access 2. Once you've worn something like this it's almost impossible to go back to more standard built up marshmallow running shoes. My long run in them is up to just over 8 miles, and I've no doubt they'll see a marathon before they're done.

Quite simply these just feel natural and FUN!


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I've been riding this light both in the city and out on less lit roads for 2 years now and it has exceeded my expectations and the performance of the various other headlights that my friends ride. This light goes beyond simply providing notice to cars headed your way of your existence. On roads with no light at all I feel confident in the amount of road it illuminates to ride up to say 20mph. I wouldn't necessarily rely on it if the road you're riding is completely untrustworthy, but it works well for clean roads to roads with possibilities of random objects.

The 5 LED design is strong enough to cast light on the ground out 20-30 feet but isn't too spotlight-y so as to have a narrow beam. I'm using rechargeable AA's now in rotation but the light strength holds out very well on standard AA's as well. I'll add the mounting bracket has worked fine for me on multiple diameter bar tubes.

If you just want cars to see you buy some cheapo blinky light, if you want to see where your going but not have to drop $50+ then buy this light.