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I'm not sure what's going on with 5.10 and their shoes, but I've already owned a pair of these that I loved -- until they packed out and started making my feet ache and giving me insane calf and knee fatigue. So I bought new ones from BC,thinking it was just the age. Turns out -- it's not. The new ones have KILLED me, even though I ordered a size down to prevent packing out and they fit great. The pain only exists when I'm wearing these (as opposed to my Shimano SPD's or my Shimano clipless DH shoes), and I'm really sad about it -- the Stealth rubber is the jam. :(


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These babies are okay. Not the worst tire levers I've used, but certainly not the best... They tend to bend and break used with stiff hoops and tough beads, and cracking knuckles and cursing while changing your tires is never a good time. However, for the price? They make one hell of a handy back up when you discover them at the bottom of your riding bag under the granola bars. Never hurts to have extras.


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First off, I'm concerned about the leakage problem that I've seen/heard about below but have yet to experience; I've only purchased the 100 oz (I drink a lot of water) to use in my pack and haven't had it leak... Not once. Maybe it's unique to the 70 oz but I doubt it as I can be unusually lucky.

Other than that, I love the new design -- it's sleek, tight and I can actually fit the amount of water I need into my tiny camelbak without having it bulge like an overstuffed fat man! The un-salami-ish new bladder lays flat, fills nicely and leaves room for a bike tool, a pump and even a tube if I don't pack a sammie. Amazing.

The quarter-turn lid is fantastic as even my tough lady/man hands struggled to unscrew the old lid, so there's that... Oh. and the quick release tube-mc bobber thingy? Love it, especially when I use the reservoir for milk and it gets clogged (kidding, don't do that). My only problem is that Camelbak won't make a jelly/disposable/eatable version of this as I regularly 'lose' them in the garage or closet and find them months later, only to realize I've spent $30 on one ride's worth of drink... I suck at cleaning the damn things.

Yikes. Tangent.

Awesome bladder, buy one.