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4 5

Like all waterproof breathables it is waterproof but not breathable. I will, however, take a jersey damp from sweat over one drenched by rain.

The cut and fit are great: close to body. The size chart on this is bang on. I have a size large; am 175lbs; 5'11" and 39" chest. Gore often sizes their waist a bit out of proportion (larger) relative to the chest on most of their jackets...maybe it's a NA vs Euro body type thing. This jacket is no different but not as pronounced as a couple of other Gore jackets i own.

The reason I cannot give what is otherwise a perfect, simple, light well built shell 5 stars is the use of neoprene. Gore seems obsessed with the stuff as so many pieces incorporate it often in the collar or cuffs, as is the case with this Oxygen.

At the ends of the arms on a rain jacket like this, by using neoprene, one now has what are effectively sponges. The neoprene serves no other purpose but to soak up water. The issue is compounded if temps are low (colder wrists) and wearing a long sleeve jersey underneath which now soaks up the water through the soaked neoprene cuffs. Also, neoprene takes a while to dry, so say you wore the jacket on your morning commute you get to throw on your waterproof jacket with already soaked cuffs for the ride home.

gore, if you're listening: stop with the neoprene on all of your stuff. It does not breath. It soaks. It frays, separates and looks like crap with use (especially with open edges like on all of your stuff).


5 5

I've ridden Juicy 7's for years, as well as spent a lot of time with standard Deore's, and some Formula and various Hayes offerings.

These are without question the best hydro discs I've ever used. They are incredibly powerful (easy, easy, easy one finger braking) and the modulation is great. Maybe they do lock up easier than others? Could not say as anyone will just get used to how much pressure to apply and when and the issue will be moot. Point is you can feather these as well or better than any other brake, but it's that one finger operation and the power that makes them so damn good.

The lever is nicely shaped keeping it very comfortable and well out of the way of your middle finger knuckle when pulling them in.

I would like to give these four stars since the "free stroke" screw really does seem to do nothing and it would be a nice feature if it did, but the braking performance is really that good.


4 5

These appear like a well made short and feel good to ride in, even for hours.

They are double and triple stitched everywhere and the materials appear very robust (although that also translates into a heavier short that will get heavier the more sweat and/or rain it absorbs).

The inseam length is a rad: they are not super long but come to knee cap when standing. When pedaling seated they fit nicely above and behind the knee and don't bunch behind. The Velcro adjusters on the hems are useful for keeping the opening tighter to your legs and out of the way of anything they might get caught up on on your bike.

The vents work; the front pockets are deep and roomy with magnetic closures (not sure on effectiveness of those) and there is a good sized zippered inner pocket in the left from pocket for anything you cannot lose.

As the reviewer previous to me advised, the back pockets are awesome. They are deep and off to the sides: really a great design.

Now, for the stuff that makes these 4 stars instead of 5. The previous iteration of the Singletracks were slammed for their lame snaps at the waist always popping. I have two pairs of these new Singletrack II shorts and for one pair the snaps were completely useless. If I just sat down they would pop. I took them to a shoe repair place and had the snaps replaced. Endura needs to fix that issue...it's unacceptable. For the cost of the replacements I should have exchanged these but at least this way I know I won't get another dud pair.

On the other pair I have the seam running up the backside was mis-stitched so there is a raw edge of fabric exposed. Again, quality control at Endura does not have the greatest rep, but even with this flaw I am sure these will stand up for years of abuse and it's just not worth hassle of exhanging.

Lastly, some of the big "endura" lettering down the left thigh is peeling off. I wish I could peel it all off. Either make it permanent or readily removable.

Sizing is bang on. I have read other reviews on these new Singletracks and many say to size up. Either their sizing is all over the map and mine just happen to be perfect size M's for my 33" waist or people need to measure their waist and stop basing their sveltness on the sizing of their Old Navy jeans.

So overall, minor issues aside, for the money I'd recommend these to anyone. They look good, fit well both on and off the bike; good for park or pedalling, and I'm confident they will last for many seasons.


2 5

The full heavy lycra backside is a bad idea. There is too much friction between it and the saddle and it and the liner short = copious chafing of one's ass.

These are a great looking, light, comfortable shorts, but for considerable time in the saddle cranking out miles you're in for some pain. I gave these many chances with multiple liner shorts (the Gore Powers these come with are nice liners) and still same painful result.

For park use they'd be fine.

Sent mine back.


2 5

Update: dropping to 2 stars from 3 and sending back. These are supposed to be for riding in. They make a far better casual short. Maybe these work for others?

I want to like these but they have one serious flaw rendering them pretty much useless (IMO) if you spend serious time in the saddle and are wearing these with the liner short.

First the good: very comfortable. They fit pretty bang on with the size chart which is often hit or miss for me in Gore product. I am a 33.5 waist and went with a medium. I am definitely at the end of the range but would not want the next size up as I do no believe I'd be able to get the waist cinched tight enough. The waist adjuster is nice. It's not a Velcro tab but like a plastic ring affixed to the belt that you can just slide at will...tough to explain but it works very well and can be done with one hand and it stays put. All shorts should have this.

The knee length is cool. They are very light and the front vent zips are super easy to get at and pull on the fly, plus the vents are big and funtional. They also have a small pocket/vent at the small of the back that I generally leave open to vent a bit...I'm not sure it does too much but it must dump a bit of heat/moisture.

The side pockets are large and functional and zips are easy to get at and operate even with one hand while riding.

Now for the bad. I can see these being a good bike park short where you're not pedaling a lot and are out of the saddle most of the time, but for all mountain, xc, epics (heck, anything greater than an hour, really) you will chafe your ass raw and here's why. Gore has made the backside middle and the area between the legs out of a slightly more robust lycra. It's not the super slippery kind you'll find on your road bibs, but a bit thicker and non-sheeny. It will not slide on the liner short; there is too much friction between it and the saddle and it and the liner short. What this means is when you're seated and cranking and moving all over the saddle on some tech xc the short tries to pull the liner with it (and this would apply to any liner short not just the power ones these come with which is a fantastic liner BTW) and thus is effectively pulling the seat of your liner thus causing copious amounts of friction between your skin and the chamois thus chafing the hell out of your ass.

They're a brilliant short in concept as they are so light and have so much give to them, but the fact they will not slide over the liner as a cordura type short would is a deal breaker if you are going to pedal in them.


4 5

I'll give these 4 stars. Totally as advertised; completely waterproof and the little velcro tab on top helps pull in some access material as these are quite roomy.

I have these for commuting and I use a set of Gore Race Powers for my road shoes. Both are sized the same and both are way off in the size range they are stated to fit.

A couple negatives: why are these so freakishly high? I find it totally unecessary. The Race Powers are much lower, as are all other overshoes I've ever used. Also, build them so that uppoer cuff can be done up a bit tighter as it'll do a better job sealing out moisture for longer (when you are wearing these with bare legs in pissing rain, for instance, in an effort to keep your shoes dry...it will work for along time if that upper seal is good).

Now for the sizing. I am copying and pasting my opinion of how a sizing chart for these should read from my Race Power Overshoe review:

S = 39-41EU / 5.5-7.5US
M = 41.5-43.5EU / 8-10US
L= 44-46EU / 10.5-12.5US
XL= 46.5-48.5EU / 13 - 15US

If you have really narrow/low volume feet you could likely drop a 1/2 size or 0.5EU from the above recommendations, for instance I wear a 44EU in everything (US10) and I use size M in these. The L's are just a touch too big.

We'll see how the Kevlar parts of these wear over the long haul. I know from experience with overshoes that the velcro parts last extremely well.


5 5

First off, I'll give the 5 stars because they are great quality and when you get a pair that fit, they fit brilliantly: nice and close to the boot and very easy to get on and off.

I think the neoprene cuff could be tighter and I also don't see the need for the height of it, but these are minor issues and certainly take nothing away from the quality of the product; just suggestions on how I think it could be better.

Now for the sizing. Do not use RC.com's size chart above. I have no idea what it even refers to but it's nothing to do with Gore footwear...they have never even made this in an XXL size and if they did it would only be a few guys with size 17+ feet.

One reviewer below posted a Gore size chart that is slightly more accurate however these things are big. I have 3 sets of shoes and they are all EU44 / US10's: a pair of Shimano MTB shoes; a pair of Mavic Road shoes and a pair of Keen Springwaters for commuting. The Large size is marginally too large. It specifies 42-44EU/8.5-10.5US on the tag, but no way, no matter how fat your feet are are these going to fit a 42 or, in my opinion, a 43.

So here's my size chart for these. Obviously buying online is tough as so many variables with diff shoes, but I think it's more accurate than anything published by either Gore or RC:

S = 39-41EU / 5.5-7.5US
M = 41.5-43.5EU / 8-10US
L= 44-46EU / 10.5-12.5US
XL= 46.5-48.5EU / 13 - 15US (I love the recommendations to buy this size below...pure gold)

If you have wide feet, you may add a half size for variance I figure as I have very narrow feet.


4 5

Nice shorts. They are light/thin. Leg opening is pretty large so if you have pencil legs there will literally be room there (they will not fit tight where the gripper is). Have spent little time in them thus far so will update later with more comprehensive review of performance.

RC's Mavic size chart references the corresponding International numbers (i.e. an L is 33.4 - 35.4). But What RC ships is the US L...so you receive the International XL = 35.8-37.7".

Size chart is accurate, just order one size down to get what you actually want.