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Here's what others have to say...

Spring: there is still snow in the mountains, and the valley temps are warming up enough for mountain biking, longboarding, or anything else you like to do.

But some of us have jobs, and there is only so much light in a day. But with 1200 lumens on your head, you now have the freedom to do ski, bike, skate, etc, in the middle of the night. Now you can ski pow all day, and mountain bike all night...or the other way around!


Too add onto what's been said. I think the Black edition is worth it.
Why? Super View! (silver edition does not have super view)
If you'll be using it for mountain biking and snowboarding, you'll be able to see more of your bike and snowboard in the shot while still having the camera mainly pointed forward. It gives a little more perspective to the video.
I have used the 3+ in both Black and Silver and definitely noticed the difference between the two.

Hope this helps your decision a lil more.

I'll start this by saying I own the Hero 3, and have always wondered, how much better can the 3+ really be?
I got a chance to test it out this weekend up at Snowbird and it lived up to the hype. I don't know how they do it, but GoPro just keeps making these things better.

Stand out new features:

1) Super View mode: Wider view and it doesn't look boxy or distorted. You can mount it on your helmet and still see your skis without angling it down too much.
2) Low Light mode: This is awesome. Noticeably better picture in off or changing light conditions when compared to the Hero 3.
3) Battery Life: I lent my friend Ryan my Hero 3 while I used the 3+. After our shred, he had one bar of battery left and I had two. I'll chalk that up to a 25% increase like they say.

In the video:
HERO 3 --> Ryan DeVine: Red pants and Rossi skis
HERO 3+ --> Me: Black pants and Armada skis
Both in 1080p 30fps modes
You should be able to see some differences in the two cameras.