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Despite the large number of Boa and Speed Lace boot options available on the market, most pro riders still use boots with traditional lacing. Why is that? Because traditional lacing offers the most customizable fit out of any of the lacing systems, allowing you to dial in the perfect fit to match your riding style, foot shape, and personal preferences. But you have to know how to tie your boots properly before you can take full advantage of traditional lacing’s benefits. The beauty of traditional lacing is that each set of lace hooks or eyelets creates a separate zone that [...]

How to Tie Your Traditional-Lace Snowboard Boots


So you’ve narrowed down your list of snowboard choices thanks to our snowboard guide, and all you need now is the secret formula for choosing the right size board, right? Well, sorry to disappoint you right off the bat, but no such formula exists. However, the good news is that there are some tips that can help you decide for yourself which snowboard length is right for you. Height & Weight Choosing your snowboard length involves a mix of subjective and objective factors, including your height and weight, the type of riding you’ll be doing, and personal preference. Let’s get [...]

How to Size a Snowboard


“Progression” is a word that gets tossed around a lot in snowboarding. Usually it refers to the riding itself, such as the explosion of double and, more recently, triple corks in slopestyle, the increased influence of skateboarding in urban riding, or the push to ride deeper and more remote terrain a la Jeremy Jones. But you can’t talk about the way snowboarding has progressed over the years without giving credit to the technology behind the riding. It’s easy to write off this new camber profile or that new space-age material as just hype and fluff, but don’t forget that there [...]

Chris Doyle: Burton’s Mad Scientist


Just on the other side of the parking lot from where the world’s most influential snowboard company conducts its day-to-day operations lies Craig’s Facility, an R&D dreamland where experimental boards come together in hours and prototype parts can be created overnight. Much more than just a workshop, Craig’s gives Burton the tools and the resources to lead the way in the progression of snowboarding technology. Before we can go forward in snowboarding, however, we need to take a step back and see where we come from as snowboarders in order to be sure things are headed in the right direction. [...]

Craig’s Facility: An R&D Dreamland


How does a snowboard get made? That’s not usually a question that goes through people’s minds when they watch Shaun White boost 25-foot Method grabs and huck Double McTwists in the halfpipe. Instead, most people have much simpler, one-word queries popping up, such as “What?,” “How?,” and “Dude, seriously?” But the technology under Shaun’s feet is no joke, and as talented and hard-working as he is, at least some of the credit to helping him achieve his impressive win tally has to go to the tireless efforts of Burton to provide him with the best snowboards in the world. It [...]

The Birth of a Snowboard: Inside Burton’s HQ


Above Photo By: Tommy Chandler Choosing snowboard pants might seem like it can take a back seat to selecting a jacket, but don’t forget that your pants are what’s going to be touching that snow-covered seat on the chairlift, shielding the tops of your boots, and keeping your knees dry when you take a spill. You might find a pair on sale at a great price or some that you think go perfectly with your jacket, but if the pants aren’t designed to handle the conditions where you ride, you might end up freezing your butt off or soaking through [...]

How to Choose Snowboard Pants


Above Photo By: Tommy Chandler When people shop for snowboarding gear, many of them tend to spend all their time and money picking out the latest and greatest boards and bindings without putting much thought into their outerwear. The fact of the matter, however, is that the jacket you’re wearing can make or break your day. Having the right jacket for the type of conditions you’ll be facing is key. Braving a blizzard in a softshell? You’re going to get soaked and frozen like a human popsicle. Pop on the puffy jacket for a sunny spring day? You’ll end up [...]

How to Choose a Snowboard Jacket