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I love Cateye. I have the V3 on 5 bikes and was disappointed that they discontinued it. I needed a new computer for another bike, so I tried this. It arrived today and will be returned because it does not have a strap or sensor. If you do not read the description carefully, you will not know that it does not include heart rate strap and cadence and speed sensor. All you get is the useless computer. But Competitive Cyclist does provide a nice picture of the Strap and sensor that you do not get. LAME!


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The first disappointment with this frame was how it was made. It had a sticker on it that said hand made in Italy, but I couldn't believe that something with such poor craftsmanship could be anything but a Taiwanese bike. I was right. Turns out its ok in Italy to call something "hand made in Italy" if it was painted there. So don't buy this bike if you want a bike hand made in Italy.

The next problem was that the headset bearings were bad. This is because when they bearings are pressed into the frame it takes a huge amount of lateral pressure on the bearing body and they are not designed for it. I was really confused by the lack of engineering in such an expensive bike.

My other bike is a Time, so I am spoiled. I found that this bike was heavy and not comfortable at all. Super stiff and unforgiving. It is also a bit heavy.

The only thing that this bike has going for it is that it is beautiful. If that is worth the insane price tag, then go for it.