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Adam.Liegn100050284wrote a review of on March 31, 2009

5 5

Fit and finish are great. Really comfortable and the Sidi sizing chart is spot on. I generally wear a 10.5 US Men's shoe and the Sidi 45 European size is ideal. For reference, I've been using Nike Poggio 4 UL in a size 44, which also fit me perfectly. Before these I had purchased/tried on and returned a pair of Northwave Aerlite 3s which, although their sizing chart says that I should be a 43, they were too small by (probably) a full European size. Also the toe-box on the Aerlite 3s is a little funky even considering the ones I had in person were too small - maybe they would work for you, but for me the in-step side of toe-box rubbed my big toe. Nonetheless, the Aerlite 3s are also an excellent shoe fit and finish wise and are definitely worth a look. If they work for your feet I would probably go with the Aerlite's due to the fact that they can be had for half the cost of these Sidi's. Whatever the case, an investment in the best shoes you can (or even can't) affort is a worthy one. TREAT YOUR FEET RIGHT!