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Here's what others have to say...

Yes, You can use this with 10 or 11 speed groups as long as you have the correct shifter, chain, and cassette. Must use with single ring up front as its not designed to take up chain slack from different rings.

Cassette Compatibility is 11/26-11/32t range in either.

I'm pretty familiar with this group if you have any questions let me know. 801-736-6396 x 5630 or email adewitt@competitivecyclist.com

We currently have inventory of most Naked Rec (950) and Carbon Red (952). The rest of the colors aren't being released until later this fall (early Nov for the next colors). If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me direct. My number here is 801-736-6396 x 5630 or email adewitt@competitivecyclist.com

XC Racer
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I picked on of these up to replace my XC hardtail and what a race machine. While a hardtail is supposed to be the ultimate in efficiency, I was actually faster on this bike both up and down because of the continued contact between the tire and the trail. I've owned the SC Tallboy, the Pivot 429c, and the Trek Superfly 100 and this bike is hands down the best climber of the bunch. Downhill, the bumps felt a bit harsher than the other brands as the platform is designed for racing, but it didn't seem to slow me down (and its still faster than a hardtail).

I love to talk suspension and have owned or put serious miles on every XC 29er we sell so let me know if you have any questions or I can help with an order.- Adam 801-736-6396 x 5630 or email adewitt@competitivecyclist.com


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The Small pad works for Toyota Tacoma, Ford Rangers, Etc. The large pad works for Ford F-150s, Dodge Rams, Chevy 1500s, Toyota Tundras, Etc. If you have questions give us a call or take a measurement of your tailgate for ideal fit.



The XX1 system is very particular when setting up the chain length for proper performance. If its just for a single race on less than rough terrain, you might be able to get away without changing the chain but we'd always suggest it. If you're investing in the chain ring, go ahead and get a matching chain. Here's what Sram has to say about setting it up:

"he chain is correct when placed in the 42 rear and around the front ring(no der in this) then we add 2 full outside links. This is longer than conventional system with one link"

Yesterday I go the chance to take a demo for a long 30 mile test run and wow! I'm a die hard 29er fan but the balanced comfortable feel of this bike have me rethinking a smaller wheel. Set up with 30% sag I still didn't get all the way through the travel but somehow it still felt endless. Hard efforts out of the saddle actually caused the BB to rise and the rear wheel to drive into the ground. I had very little slipping even standing and climbing on the loosest climbs.

Immediately after throwing a leg over this bike felt comfortable, confident and balanced. We started with the Crest trail out of Park city which isn't the easiest of trails. We then continued into the Canyons Resort bike park for some extra testing where I hit the 6-7 ft drop for the first time- and the bike made it look easy. 18 Strava PRs later, I arrived back home with potentially a new favorite bike.

Weight without pedals was 24lbs 14oz.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me direct. My number here is 801-736-6396 x 5630 or email adewitt@competitivecyclist.com


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