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About Mavic

Few, if any, brands in the bike industry have a reputation as sterling as Mavic's. This isn't the byproduct of marketing puffery. Rather, They've earned every ounce of esteem thanks to the quality of their innovations. Because of Mavic, the rims and wheels we ride on are completely different and wholly superior to anything we might have previously imagined. While their accomplishments are too numerous to list, their most noteworthy breakthroughs have an easy familiarity to all of us. The SUP and UB Control technologies they pioneered in the early 90's gave a quantum boost to rim strength and brought us the glory of the machined braking surface. The Helium wheelset in the late 90's was the industry's first "climbing" wheelset, and they proved so durable that their unforgettable red anodized rims and hubshells are still a common sight on group rides today. The Cosmic Carbone was the first noteworthy aero wheelset, and in its current iteration is still the most widely used deep-dish wheel in the professional peloton. With the introduction of the Open Pro rim a few years ago, Mavic set a new standard for the strength and lightness we expect out of conventional box-section rims thanks to their Maxtal aluminum alloy composition. And with the unveiling of the original Ksyrium wheelset in 2001 Mavic brought together lightness, aerodynamics, and durability in a seemingly perfect blend unmatched by any other brand. When you purchase a set of Mavic wheels, you can rest assured that no other company has labored so intently to combine value and performance. While other brands certainly offer excellent options in their own right, more often than not the wheels you see are derivatives of products Mavic has already perfected. Mavic has long set the agenda for rims and wheels in the bicycle industry, and based on their 2004 offerings, they continue to lead the way.