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    As an American, I can attest to a feeling of longing for heritage brands. After all, most American companies that are older than a century are usually limited to jeans, beers, and whiskeys. And while I’m known to imbibe, I can’t help but feel that shallowness overcomes my romanticism when I wander the plastic halls of a store. However, there are brands like Mavic that still fill my heart with the good stuff. This year, Mavic is celebrating its 125th anniversary, and for us to celebrate this celebration, I sat down with Mavic’s Road Product Line Manager, Maxime Brunand, to [...]

    Photos: Re Wikstrom Yeti’s SuperBike lineup is legendary for a reason — the bikes rip. But while the 66 has a pedigree of being one of the most aggressive trail bikes out there, the 95 tempers the formula with a more conservative ride. Granted, it still has the suspension and geometry to get you in and out of scary situations, but I found it to be most at home on long, incredibly fast rides. Suspension Yeti’s Switch Technology eccentric pivots create what’s effectively a miniature parallel linkage. This lets Yeti control the wheel-path through the stroke, while a rate-modifying link [...]

    Through my Internet travels yesterday, I unassumingly stumbled upon this piece in Bicycle Retailer. The article tells of an e-bike drivetrain manufacturer, NuVinci, that’s partnering with Evelo Electric Bicycles on an incentivized weight loss promotion scheme of some kind. The gist of it is that, for 30 days this summer, they’re putting up $10 a pound for every pound that you lose on one of their bikes. Needless to say, like with most advertising campaigns, my thought process went clear in the opposite direction of the ad’s intent. Sure, there’s the obvious low hanging fruit to be plucked clean regarding [...]

    Stage 16 of this year’s Giro, with back-to-back climbs of the Gavia and Stelvio, was intended to be a sweeping, memorable day with a serious GC impact — what might have been called an “epic” ride back when that word still had meaning. In many ways, it over-delivered. While complaints that the stage was run in full (or even at all) abounded, most controversy surrounded an escape by Movistar’s Nairo Quintana, and several other riders, that took place on the Stelvio descent after race radio and Twitter announced — inaccurately but fairly unambiguously — that the race had been neutralized, [...]

    You’ve been pushing hard for the last hour. You have 30 more minutes to go, but your training partner is challenging you to a minute-long sprint. Not one to be perceived as a weakling, you accept their duel and push through. Your muscles scream as you push them faster, faster, faster. Eventually the burn gets so bad that you need to bring your body back down to an easy pace. “LACTIC ACID!” you curse. As an endurance athlete, there has probably been at least one time that you’ve used the term “lactic acid” as a synonym for a swear word. [...]

    Photos: Re Wikstrom Chris Cocalis, of Pivot Cycles notoriety, has a history in the bike industry that rivals many of its legends, and by all accounts, the guy also rips. That probably has something to do with why the Mach 6 is such an unadulterated shred machine. It’s billed as an enduro racer, so as you’d expect, it’s not the fastest climber — although it does the job surprisingly well. Get it pointed down a hill, though, and in many situations, it’s actually faster than a full-on downhill bike. But the real surprise is that, for being so aggressive, the [...]

    Somewhere, despite awkward fat jokes and an endless train of ghost-written regret-rospectives, cycling in the US has given birth to the most important bike race in the world right now: the Amgen Tour of California. Don’t believe me? SRAM chose ATOC to launch its new wireless electronic groupset, arguably the biggest tech development of the season. Then there was Shimano, which rolled out its pre-launch action cameras by rigging them to John Degenkolb’s and Koen de Kort’s bikes. The resulting footage speaks for itself: I have my quibbles with the specifics of each marketing effort (SRAM initially dressed their components [...]

    Summer is fast upon us, and while mere mortals seek refuge from their cubicles in the warming suns of some far off place, professional cyclists find themselves in full-on race mode. However, this isn’t to say that they don’t carry a bit of a Spring-Break-Daytona-Beach-2007-Forever mindset with them to southern Europe for the season. As you’ll find, most still seize the opportunity to work on their tan lines, play games, mock the unsuspecting, and most importantly for the Euro pro, score some chicks. So, insert a little hoop earring, throw back your silk polkadot scarf, and see what’s been happening [...]

    Words: Charly Wegelius, Photos: Offside/L’Équipe There are just two clues in our home that cycling has any place in my life. Two pink jerseys hang in my office, one for each Giro d’Italia that I “won” without ever getting anywhere near the podium: one as a rider, one as a directeur sportif. Sometimes guests peak in through the door and their attention is invariably drawn to these symbols. “Wow”, they say. “What an inspiration!” Well, actually, no. I have only ever found success to be a rather poor fuel for further endeavour. That’s quite a peculiar state of affairs when [...]

    Photos: Re Wikstrom It’s been over three decades since Scott Nicol built the first Ibis frame. In that time, the brand has innovated, grown, been sold, been put to rest, and ultimately, resurrected. But not everything has changed outright over the course of history. For some time, Nicol has been back at the helm, and Ibis is just as strong, if not stronger, as ever. With all of this experience, it’s not surprising that Ibis prefers to refine existing designs rather than reinvent the wheel on a seasonal basis. Perhaps this explains how the Mojo HDR 650B came to be? [...]

    Yes, a conversation with that Alberto Contador, or the Alberto Contador depending on your level of fandom. But as you can gather from the range of my questions below, my geek-level is pretty much off the charts. Honestly, though, who really cares about me right now — let’s get the introduction rolling. In case you’ve been living under a rock, a rock located deep in a cave that’s hidden even deeper in a crevasse nearing the center of the earth, Alberto Contador has won just about everything that there is to win in cycling — multiple times over at that. And [...]

    I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t greet the opportunity to test the Marc Pro Muscle Recovery and Conditioning Device with some hesitation. I’m not sure if this hesitation emanated from a primordial fear of applying electricity to my body, or if it instead teetered on snake oil skepticism. But, in the midst of this internal dialogue, I remembered, oh yeah, I used to use something just like this in physical therapy after a reconstructive knee surgery. With my fear subsided, I remembered just how effective it is to have a tool like this in your recovery war [...]

    It’s been 10 years since my last sanctioned race, and while life’s been nothing short of organized chaos since that point, I’ve had little more than one constant in my existence equation — shaving my legs. There’re a number of reasons that I could say as to why I do it, but honestly, most of those reasons would be complete and utter bullshit. In all honesty, the rationale is equal parts expressing a commitment to cycling and sheer vanity. And for 95% of cyclists, this sentiment rings true, regardless of if we admit it to ourselves or not. Really, though, [...]

    Laurens ten Dam Beer Slog When you couple this video of Laurens ten Dam slinging beers with the Optum Pro Cycling pizza party video below, you’re just a Black Flag song away from a full-fledged TV Party. Though, I can’t help but wonder what the reaction to a commercial like this would be in the US? Most likely, people would just be throwing their Amstels at the screen instead of drinking them, while also demanding the return of Dennis Miller. Pizza Party Tonight Just imagine it — a world where pro cyclists are also human beings, human beings that down [...]

    It isn’t easy to get a feel for a bike from geometry charts and images alone, much less an accurate comparison between similar models. For example, take the Ibis Mojo HDR 650B, Pivot Mach 6, and Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon. All three of these carbon, mid-wheeled trail-shredding machines have similar geometry, suspension, and intended usage, yet each is a distinctly different beast. Not coincidentally, these three frames are the basis for our upcoming 27.5-inch Featured Bikes Program this year. And since you may not have the luxury of logging hours on each bike, I’ve taken the liberty of doing precisely that. [...]

    As you surely know, tomorrow marks the beginning of the 97th Giro d’Italia in Belfast, Ireland. Oddly, though, tomorrow also kicks off the Giro’s remembrance and celebration of Marco Pantani. One stage will follow his old training route, while two mountain stages at Oropa and Monte Campione are dedicated to two of Pantani’s greatest victories. On one hand, the decision delivers a moving sentiment for a legendary figure, but to be perfectly honest, RCS Sport’s decision to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Pantani’s death leaves me with more disappointment than warm fuzzies. To some degree, the decision embodies the turmoil [...]

    Foreword from the Editor In case you haven’t noticed, we’re back in the business of cycling sponsorship, and we couldn’t be happier with the Backcountry Bike Team. Accompanying the Goat, you’ll find the Competitive Dots, but outside of the banality of a simple uniform, the team has been crushing at every race this season. Evelyn Dong took 3rd at Sea Otter, 5th in Fontana, 2nd at Bonelli Park, and just recently, 3rd at the Whiskey 50. And while she’s just come back to racing for the year, Chloe Woodruff has already taken 4th at Sea Otter and top honors at [...]

    Whether you’re a racer looking to replicate race conditions in training, or a coach seeking new ways to help your athletes, motorpacing is a proven step on the path to a successful season. In this piece, Dr. Allen Lim of Skratch Labs takes you through the basics of motorpacing, showing you how to perform this powerful training exercise both effectively and safely. Why It all comes down to specificity. There’s simply no other way to replicate both the speed and the power that an athlete will encounter within the peloton. When you’re racing in the peloton, your power profile is [...]

    I don’t care what site or magazine it is, 90 to 95% of published reviews are based on gear that a writer get’s for free — it’s a little ugly, but that’s just the business end of the matter. Sometimes it works out and we’ll test a product that we actually like, and sometimes the product totally sucks and we don’t even bother reviewing it. And on an even more rare occasion, a writer will actually buy a product for personal use, and loving it so much, will feel compelled to spread the word. Today, I am that writer, and [...]

    Most athletes are used to eating gels or energy blocks. A sticky bite uses everyday ingredients to deliver that sweet kick in a more palatable way. Even more importantly, the higher moisture content in the carbs allows the body to more quickly absorb energy than a highly concentrated sports nutrition product. Chocolate and Sea Salt Sticky Bites are an athlete favorite for their one-bite combo of salty sweetness. In this new video, Chef Biju Thomas shows you how to make them. Watch the video and then try this recipe yourself. Related Articles - Allen Lim: Hydration Science - Cooking From [...]

    Friends Forever Over the course of this year’s Spring Classics, we witnessed the real fruits of friendship between Luca Paolini and Pipo. And aside from whatever’s going on here, the incident at Roma Maxima was easily the best 52nd place line crossing of all time. Friends Forever. The Wedding Crashers Cannondale Pro Cycling making wedding crashing an art form on a “routine” training ride in Belgium a few weeks ago. At least it was good enough to make it into the local paper. I’m still torn on if this is the one of the most fun teams to be [...]

    My first reaction to the Kitsbow A/M Shorts was, “wow,” which was immediately followed by a much louder, and more expletive-laden version of, “wow,” upon hearing the cost. There’s no two ways about it — they’re expensive. Over the years here at Competitive, I’ve become increasingly well accustomed to ever-more expensive bikes, clothing, and parts, but something about a pair of baggies breaking the $250 mark was different. That said, after a full year in these shorts, I’m able to say with confidence that, not only would I buy them again (if they wore out, but more on that later), but [...]

    I can’t speak to the why exactly, but for some reason, I’ve been growing increasingly agitated with the debate surrounding doping. This unease is compounded by a myriad of issues, and the more that I delve into the lineage of the subject, the murkier every side’s logic becomes. It goes without saying that the history of drug use in cycling is staggeringly extensive, but I have a weary suspicion that most don’t realize just how far down the rabbit hole it goes. Do you have a cycling hero from before 1998? Well, if his name isn’t Greg LeMond or Bernard [...]

    photos: Ben Kuhns Given the cycling industry’s track record, it’s easy to denounce star-shaped fasteners as a ploy to fuel capitalism. It’s easy to get a little agitated. Believe me, if you’ve found yourself stifled by the lack of a T25 during a hasty pre-ride adjustment or trailside repair, you’re not alone. So the question begs to be asked, “Is this a profit-driven inconvenience?” What? There’s a new fastener that forces the purchase of up-to date tools? Son-of-a-Corny Capitalist! Well, before we reach for Silca pumps, trail-tools, and polo mallets to storm the castle, let’s take a closer look, as the [...]