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    Gore Bike Wear’s Alp X Thermo Jersey is a modern interpretation of the classic Roubaix fabric long sleeve jersey.

    Gore Bike Wear’s Mistral and Countdown Gloves are the perfect combination to keep you riding through the cooler months.

    The Giordana FormaRed Carbon Compactible Jacket and Vest are must-haves for any serious cyclist who’s going to brave the elements and train through the colder months.

    If you want one cool weather jacket that covers all your bases, then look no further than the Giordana FormaRed Carbon Lightweight Jacket.

    Spelling Gert-Jan Theunisse

    - Last week was a full week in Europe. 3 countries in 7 days with intermittent riding and enough wine to give me the notion of going to Halloween next year as my liver and, now, the wounds of jet-lag have me stupefied in a way that all the world’s espresso can’t reverse. Sleep is impossible. Catch up on work? I’m almost 10 days out of practice, so why start now? Instead, a few photos for you with blessedly little narrative -- London – Brick Lane Bikes If whoever owns this store ever discovers Ebay, they will become millionaires many [...]

    -- Anyone in the bike industry is affected on a seemingly regular basis by the proliferation of new industry standards. We have standards for brakes, chainguides, headsets, bottom brackets and now axles. We argue here about thru-axles all the time. Those of us coming from the big squishy end of mountain bikes are stuck to the 20 x 110mm and prefer the Maxle system from Rockshox. Others prefer the new 15QR system on the Fox forks. It’s a great debate, and we get nowhere with it on a regular basis. I’ve recently come across a nice article that illustrates some [...]

    Rapha Merino Base Layer

    Rapha’s Merino Base Layer does a great job of regulating moisture and heat transfer on the bike, and also keeps you comfortable and cozy while you’re off the bike.

    Rapha’s flagship piece is definitely the Classic Softshell Jacket. It’s a feature-rich Jacket that’s as functional on the bike as it is stylish OFF the bike.

    Rapha Winter Hat

    The Rapha Winter Hat is, perhaps, the perfect iteration of everything you need in winter headgear.

    The Novice

    - The shoes make the man. No secret about that. Joe Parkin dispenses must-have advice about it here. And, speaking of shoes, if dark brown shoes are the must-have pair in your closet, why is it that companies like Sidi and DMT don’t make them in Ferragamo-like deep, rich hickory? Why only black, white, and clown colors? I, for one, would buy a pair of DMT Radials in brown. (Yes, I’ve heard of Dromarti. But we’re talking about PRO-caliber racing shoes here, not preenster shit.) - Preen, to some it’s not always a pejorative word. - Bike Industry #1: A [...]

    DT, DW, DR & the Diss

    --Someone once asked George Mallory why he wanted to climb Mt. Everest. His reply, ‘because it’s there,’ rings as a simple yet ineffective explanation. Along those same lines then, why do we love to ride our mountain bikes? Most days it might be a difficult question as well, but not today. We just spent a weekend at the Syllamo Trail System near Mt. View, Arkansas. The weather was exquisite and the trails…well, the trails reminded us of our love of the bike. It wasn’t a gentle handed reminder like a soft caress to the cheek. No, it was more like [...]

    - Hi Lance: Some quick background. (a) I’m a fan -- both of your sporting accomplishments, and of your passion for fighting cancer & your stand that quality health care is a fundamental human right. (b) I’m a capitalist and celebrate the way in which it’s a 21st-Century fast-forwarding of the primitive manly urge to hunt & gather. (c) On more than one occasion I’ve been tangentially involved in efforts to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Especially given the recent speech I attended by LAF CEO, Doug Ullman, here in Little Rock at the Clinton School for Public [...]

    - A rain supreme. Not for hours or even days, but a full-on month of Old Testament downpour. The city gone intestinal: What were once yards, now a half-digested stew -- brown with mud and leaves in every direction. And what were once roads, now treacherous rinks for autoduel. The thought of riding a bike -- remote as it is for me already with such endless rain and off-season torpor -- it got a dagger in the heart this week thanks to this lung-clotting cold. Prenatally curled on the couch, I hack and blow and try to recall the muscularity [...]

    - Competitive Cyclist is proud to announce the arrival of Ibis bikes. Ibis is one of those brands that we’ve always had on our proverbial top shelf. Their reputation in the nineties was sterling and they injected humor into their bikes with features like Moron tubing (more on the ends), the Toe Jam pump peg, and most infamous, the Handjob cable stop. Their lighthearted approach set them apart in a competitive industry jammed with ex-aerospace engineers, machinists, and welders. The folks at Ibis build bikes that they would want to ride. From the inception in a garage in the early [...]

    I see docents

    - I’ll die someday & I spend time daily trying to get cool with the idea. When my time comes I hope it’s not on the bike. And if that’s how it happens, I bet it won’t be because I ran a red light. I’m a red light running connoisseur, and when I do so it’s almost always for self-preservation. - Dewey beats Truman. - Open invitation: Track me down after the day is done and I’ll buy your dinner and pick up the bar tab to boot. I’m quite pleased to have my training raison d’etre for 2010 buttoned [...]

    Peter Pan meets Lou Reed

    - Do you remember where you were standing when you heard that Dale Earnhardt died? I wouldn’t have either, except that about 5 minutes after the news flash a friend said there was a life-size cardboard cutout of Earnhardt down at a close-by convenience store we frequented. Cardboard Dale had a mini-shelf built into him to hold boxes of Snickers or M&M’s and an thick-bound stack of entry forms for some sort of ‘Drive with Dale’ contest. It was 2001. At that point we were your standard small LBS -- 1,500 sq ft with maybe 3 employees + a high [...]

    Please join us at Competitive Cyclist‘s Turner Trail Day at the Syllamo Trail System near Mountain View, Arkansas on Saturday, November 7th for trail maintenance, Turner mountain bike demos, lunch, and an opportunity to meet and ride with Dave Turner, namesake and founder of Turner Suspension Bicycles. This is a free event. We’ll have a full size run of our dw-link equipped Flux, Sultan, and 5 Spot full suspension mountain bikes. Each is outfitted with a full complement of the finest components from Rock Shox, Avid, SRAM, Truvativ, WTB, Fox, and Mavic. In 2009, Turner Bikes received an across-the-board redesign [...]

    Countdown to Lombardy

    - Autumn is more than a season -- it’s a state of being. The sharpness of July legs has vanished but in exchange you get a fresh brain. Power is not the operative word, rather it’s pleasure in spinning whatever gear feels right, with thoughts permitted to meander as they may. Slow, weak climbing isn’t a cause for panic, rather it’s the reward for the 9 previous months of neurotic self-punishment. October is made for playful lazing, so it’s with outirght pity that I check in on the late season pro race scene. Ask yourself: Could you imagine summoning July-like [...]

    SRAM Red Components

    SRAM Red shifting is crisp, positive, and precise, and the drivetrain is as quiet as a mouse. It’s the lightest and least expensive of all the top-tier gruppos we offer.

    When we first saw SRAM’s XX group at Interbike, we were quite excited to be honest. It was the most exciting thing to happen since our first ride on a RockShox Mag 21. And trust us, we wanted to ride it as soon as we saw it. It just made sense -- lighter, cleaner, simpler. With its debut at the show and the media frenzy that followed, the XX components became fodder for the industry rumor mill -- namely, we began to hear reports that frame compatibility was an issue. While we awaited more information regarding crank and front derailleur [...]

    DMT Radial Shoes

    The DMT Radial is comfortable, light, and stiff, and the 3-strap system is easy to microadjust on the fly. And, they’re also a beautiful shade of blinding white!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdBxCmS5pXU Campagnolo has once again outdone themselves with their new 11 Speed Gruppos. We explain, in detail, the differences between Chorus 11, Record 11, and Super Record 11 in our review of the latest from the masters in Italy.

    Boulder is burning

    - Wiggo #1: Bradley Wiggins had an axe to grind on the eve of the World’s TT. This sort of spleen is rare to see in the media, and I reveled in it not for the specifics, but simply for the honesty. Rare. So rare. There are a limited # of sports tropes out there to be had, and they’re always repeated again & again. We saw Lemond vs. Hinault redux with Contador vs. Armstrong in July. And now Wiggins vs. JV? I’m thinking the ’77 Yankees. Bradley Wiggins as Reggie Jackson. JV as Billy Martin. Or is he Steinbrenner? [...]

    Giro Monaco Gloves

    For too many cyclists, gloves are sort of an afterthought. The Giro Monaco gloves are as close to perfect as any glove we’ve ever owned.

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