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ENVE Features & Highlights


ENVE Tech - Molded Spoke & Valve Stem Holes

ENVE Composites’ patented process of molding in spoke holes is one example of how running continuous fibers strengthens the rims. Because carbon fiber gets its strength from continuous, unbroken fibers, ENVE routes the fibers around the hole which increases the strength of each spoke hole. This technique pays large dividends in the final product by allowing for a lighter spoke face in the rim without compromising strength. Because of this process, ENVE's spoke holes are capable of resisting higher spoke tensions which greatly reduces the risk of spoke pull-through during wheelbuild and on the ride.

Molded spoke holes also improve the quality of the wheelbuild itself. Because the fibers around the spoke face of the rim are 100% intact, spoke tension is distributed more uniformly around the rim. This makes it easier to build a wheel with even tensions, as well as produce a higher quality wheelbuild that will require less maintenance down the road.

Along with molding in the actual spoke hole, ENVE rims also feature molded-in, conical, nipple seats on the inside of each rim. Carbon rims have historically been notorious for fatiguing spokes prematurely. The molded in nipple seat allows the Pillar nipple to articulate and align with the exit angle of the spoke. This ensures that the spoke will not be bound against the rim or bent; greatly reducing the possibility of premature spoke breakage.

U.S. Made By Choice

Each ENVE product is handmade right here in the U.S. inside of its Ogden, Utah headquarters. Like any other company that begins its operations in America, the question soon arose as to whether ENVE should move its manufacturing operations overseas - the answer: "We just can't do it - We've got to stay in the United States."

M-Series Wheels

ENVE's M-Series wheels represent the pinnacle of mountain wheel technology. There are four rim models, each painstakingly developed for a specific riding profile.

Not sure which model is right for you? Simply take a look at the model names:

  • M90 - 90% Downhill: The toughest wheel built for the abuse of steep, technical downhill riding.
  • M70 - 70% Downhill: A tough wheel ideal for the downhill-focused enduro style of riding where there are still some stages of climbing.
  • M60 - 60% Downhill: The standard, all-mountain wheel designed for versatility on a wide variety of terrain.
  • M50 - 50% Downhill: The lightest M-Series wheel, designed for a cross-country style of riding that evenly splits climbs and descents.