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Item # CON0067

2009 This model is no longer in stock.

Item # CON0067


Crown your bike and reign as the king of the hill.

The Continental Mountain King Tires provide big volume and big grip for fast, dry terrain, and a Supersonic version that does it all with insanely low weight. Continental made the Mountain King for the arid Rocky Mountain region, where huge center knobs play a less essential role than huge air volume and cornering prowess. The Mountain King comes in a Protection version with Conti's famous Duraskin and a lightweight Supersonic version that tips the scales at an astonishing 550 grams in 2.4 diameter. There's also a 2.2 for the skinny-tire East Coast riders out there. Word to the wise: if going huge and/or maching rock gardens is your deal, steer towards the heavier versions of these tires.

Size chart

Mountain Bike Tires


Use this chart to estimate what size tires would work for your inner rim. **Always check with the tire and rim manufacturers to determine exact tire/rim compatibility.


Rim/Tire Guideline Chart
 Tire Size
Rim 15-17mm 1.8-2.2in
(4.6 - 5.6cm)
Rim 17-19mm 2.1-2.4in
(5.3 - 6.1cm)
Rim 19-25mm 2.3-2.5in
(5.8 - 6.3cm)
Rim 25-30mm 2.5-2.7in
(6.3 - 6.9cm)

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Here's what others have to say...

2 5

SOMO rider

These tires are light yes, but not meant for the rocky shred in AZ. After about one month the sidewall in my rear mountain king had been sliced about an inch wide. My front tire is still usable but there is many gashes in the sidewalls. If your in a rocky environment these are not good tires.

1 5

Its a mystery...

I was convinced that these were the next best thing to sliced bread. Coming off of two sets of kenda nevegals these tires almost killed me. Unless conditions are dry/hard-pack I don't know where these tires would work for me. Definitely on the small side of volume, wish I knew how they measured these, they never made sense to me.

Responded on

it could be that youre used to crazy traction from the nevegals...

5 5

Great AM Tire

I really like this tire (2.4" w/ protection). I run it tubeless on a Stans Flow rim....seals up quickly and holds air great. It is sort of an odd looking tread pattern but it grips great on rock and roots. I love to climb steep, technical lines and this tire grabs on and holds. Probably not the fastest of rear tires for rolling resistance, but I find the grip and security far outweighs the fact that it's not Small Block 8 kind quick. Hey a tire can only do so much, but for my type of riding in my area of the country (NorCal) the MK is where it's at.

5 5

Nice tire

I set up the Protection version tubeless on some Mavic UST rims and they've been holding air very well. Initial installation was a bit of a hassle, and my first tries were unsuccessful despite using all the tricks I've learned from installing several standard and UST tires tubeless. After inflating the tires with tubes and letting them sit over night I was able to get them sealed up with a floor pump.
Really nice traction on the Protection version, and the sidewalls didn't leak Stan's at all, which is usually a good sign of sidewall strength.
Be prepared, the 2.4 version isn't really 2.4". It's more like a fat 2.25, but if you buy it with that expectation it's a great tire.

Responded on

By the way, I have it set up as a front tire, haven't tried it on the back yet.

5 5

Great tires!!!!

I have conti Mountain Kings on both of my Santa Cruz BlurLT2 and Carbon. The 29er model is a great tire, very happy with then. I was running Kenda's but the side walls rip to easy and they wear out way to fast.

5 5

Excellent combingation of light weight and performance

This review is for the Mountain King Supersonic in the 26x2.2 size. The Supersonic is the lightweight version, and these tires fill that bill, weighing in at 500 and 515 grams for the ones I got. Considering this is a full-tread tire with a decent air volume, that's pretty good.

These tires are run on my wife's 17lb Scott Scale, (no, that is not a typo) and she rides them all the time, in fun rides as well as races. Every race this past year was on MKSS's, ranging from a horrible mudfest to wet rock gardens, sweet, smooth, twisty hardpack. She loves the tires, which is why this was the third pair she's run. With these tires, she can downhill on her hardtail faster than many folks running full suspension.

We run these tires converted to tubeless on Stan's ZTR Race wheels, and I can tell you that the thin sidewalls of the Supersonic are _difficult_ to seal up properly. What I've found to be the most effective method is to clean the inside of the new tires with a degreaser to get off any mold release residue. Then, inflate with at least 2oz of sealant, shaking as per Stan's instructions. For best results, ride as soon as they've stopped leaking very fast. Riding is the best way to get them to seal up, but be prepared to top it off a couple times. You might need to add more sealant after they're fully sealed up for flat protection.

I've heard of heavier riders in rocky terrain having problems with sidewall cuts and tears. The sidewalls are QUITE thin, so bear that in mind. If you're bigger and not quite so much a weight-weenie, consider the heavier versions, especially the Protection version.

1 5

Stay away from Mountain King 2.2

I was so excited to read all the reviews and to get my hands on a new set of Continental Mountain King 2.2 UST tires to replace my stock Specialized Resolution 2.0 tires.

Overall, the tires are squirley because of they are narrow and have a lower profile and lost almost an inch of ground clearance from the tires alone.

Because of the lower bottom bracket and longer crank arms on my bike I manage to hit just about every root and rock on my typical trail. The 2.2 is 1.8 at best with much lower air mass which means you will feel every bump on these puppies -- you may need to visit a chiropractor after each ride.

What's worse is the Continental doesn't have a "customer service" number that you can go call from the US making it virtually impossible to work with the company for some resolution.

Stay away from Mountain King 2.2
Responded on

what size tire do you have on the bike in the picture

Responded on

Looks like the 2.2 on the rear only in the picture.

Responded on

FYI, stock Specialized tires run really high volumes; I had stock Specialized Roller 2.5's and they were some of the biggest tires I've ever seen, more like a 3.0 than a 2.5. Replaced them with 2.6's and they still weren't as big. As far as Contis go, I have these same tires in a 2.2 and 2.4 and I'd say they're pretty accurate. And if you need customer service, just give us a call. We'll be happy to help you out.

4 5

Tried 'em tubeless and it worked

These tires are definitely working for me. The version i have is non-tubeless, but i decided to run tubeless. I ran into some issues during the initial conversion, but after putting in 2x as much Stan's, it seems to be running fine (DT Swiss rims).

5 5

Good AM tires

These are great AM tires. I'm running the 2.4s - wide enough for hauling ass, and they're light. Really light.

5 5

Favorite for fronts

I love this tire as a front. Fat, knobby, sticky. I've not found a weakness yet other then price. Get a couple on sale and be happy for a long time. Conti tires rock!