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very odd review

This is probably the weirdest review you've ever read. First, i loved this garment. Fit was fine, materials were fine, style awesome, etc. etc. Would like it if the wind proof material extended down the arms, but that's minor. Five stars if that..and this one has the zipper on the wrong side (european, I guess).

So why am I returning it? Because the entire back is black! I ordered the red, and love the look, from the front. After a 25 mile ride today in 48 degree overcast temps, I thought I had a good product. Then I looked at it when I took it off and saw the black back. I ride along a shady road, and in the low light of November on an overcast day, just though this did not stand out enough. When are jersey makers going to realize they need to focus on "visibility"??? White, yellow, red, I think you get my point. But black? Come on...and I know you will wonder, why did he wait until he wore it to notice that? Well, I was in hurry to get on the road and try this out because it looked so great out of the package!

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I agree and am surprised by the lack of selection in this space by most of the primary apparel companies. A similar Gore product provides some color on the back, but still lacks the brighter color I would prefer to have.

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One day you will discover color makes no difference to your safety. Hiviz is like a religion: people get fanatical about it because they think it helps them live forever but it really doesn't !

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I totally disagree about the need for brighter colors. If you want a brighter jersey(which you obviously did) then get one...(which you probably have done by now as well). There are enough redundant, obnoxiously day-glo, horrible looking, patterned-to-make-fat-men-look-thinner-jersey's made in an overwhelmingly biased amount than are even remotely needed...made by EVERY manufacturer. This is proven by the inevitable fire-sale's on these awful looking things every year. The good looking jersey's vanish, especially in the sizes that those who don't look pregnant would fit into.

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What on earth do safe, eye-catching colours have to do with fitness? I'll make it easy for you: nothing.

Your assumption that fitter cyclists wear death black says more about fashion, not smarts. It might not be haute couture for the wannabe-pros, but in the grey drizzle and winding, 2-lane mountain roads with steep (or nonexistent) shoulders around Vancouver and the Sea-to-Sky, I'll stick to my dayglo, obnoxious colours, thanks ? and possibly stay alive because of it.

As a driver, haven't you noticed cyclists *moreso* when they are brightly dressed? I know I do. I want them to notice my obnoxious colours, to shift to the outer lane, and to wake up when negotiating the next curve so they don't take the shoulder.

Anyway, there's enough black out there if you think your fashionable magic will save your life, so have at it. More firesales on dayglo for those of us not competing for Darwin Awards.

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I was a bit disturbed at the colors, for the same reasons you outline. However, a bit of exercising my Google muscle pointed out the hi-viz clothing is less effective than lighting, so I mounted a Serfas Thunderbolt USB headlight on my fork leg, and a Serfas Thunderbolt USB tail light on my seat post. They provide far more visibility than hi-vis clothing.

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HA! Very funny comment of so-called "fat riders". I hope the very young man who wrote that keeps a copy of it until he's over 40, so he can laugh at himself as well. BTW - I'm 63 yrs. 6'1/2" 162 lbs, and the extra large in this jersey fits me the way I like. Unless you like your cycling clothing "painted on", size up.