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Gear Review

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very good, a few minor complaints...

I love this style of sunglasses - with replaceable lenses and no frame on the lower section. And these Dash SS are extremely nice glasses. Excellent optical quality. Extremely comfortable. Very light weight. A few minor quibbles: vertically speaking, these glasses offer very little coverage. From top to bottom, they are very narrow. On my face, light comes in from the top and bottom. Horizontally, they are fine. Second complaint: they come with 4 lens options: Brown (polarized), Orange, Yellow, Clear. Brown is good all purpose, but not dark enough for really bright conditions. Orange and Yellow are too close to each other to really be helpful. Clear are pretty useless for me. I'd rather have had a really dark lens for snow, on-water in the tropics, etc; a normal brown for normal sunny conditions; and yellow for fog/low light.