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5/5 based on a better insert than mine, which are probably 2010 (The EIT insert seems to be deforming or separating. Its inconsistently comfy.) Assuming the insert was improved (and it looks that way), these are superb knickers. Windtex and fleece fabrics, and the overall cut & construction are all first-rate. What I like best is that there is just enough strategically placed Windtex to allow me to wear these down to 45, yet there is little enough so I can wear these in 60+ and not get hot or damp under the Windtex panels.

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Hi DanL, if you don't mind can you tell me what size you bought based on your height, waist and weight?

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I purchased these knickers from another website where I found a great price on them and they fit perfect. For reference, I am 5'8'' about 160lbs and the mediums fit like a glove. I think sizing up would be a mistake because the bibs would be too long and leg grippers would probably be too loose. Hope that helps anyone considering these bibs.

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Hey SA_2823425

Didnt see yr question until put up their new site. I'm about yr build, but fatter. Am 6'3" but 40 years ago 175, now porky 210ish. I have had good luck just following sizing charts. 2xl for capo, castellli & xl for PI (exception being the defunct PI pro thermal tights, where I took a lrg). So far this applies to jerseys as well as tights, but I try and go for club-fit SS jerseys (e.g. giordana silverline SS is perfect) & most jackets are cut for bases underneath. FWIW all my 70's and 80's jerseys are all lrg--they tended to be tight in the shoulders & sometimes a bit short, but at least they didnt flap-in-the-wind around the waist--i.e. I can still get those jerseys on, but I look like a sausage!!. Note, also FWIW, that some e-vendors w/ narrower inventories can give better fit info e.g (pick your poison). Dan