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Like the jersey of the same name, the Nico bib shorts are pretty spectacular. The fabrics are impressive (the side panels have this subtle pinstriping to them that looks absolutely amazing), unique construction details run rampant, and the fit is absolutely spot-on — er, almost spot-on. I'm 5'11" and around 150 lbs, and the short fits perfectly in the waist and thighs, and the straps are just the right length. I typically wear a Medium in everything Capo, but this Medium almost feels too big - as though there's too much material around the insert (which is also amazing, I might add) which has led to some uncomfortable chafing. It's almost as though I need a Small, but I'm forced to assume that other parts of the short then wouldn't fit as it should. Regardless, it's still an excellent all-day short that completes an otherwise impressive kit, I just think it might be sized for the build of a slightly meatier cyclist.

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To comment on your review, I have always wore XXL in all Capo gear in the past, but recently purchased the Padrone bib shorts in XL and XXL to try both sizes out. Just as you did, I found the XXL had too much material around the insert and forsaw problems with them. I was reluctant to try on the XL, but found them to fit spot on and the compression/straps not much more compressive/tight than the XXL. I'm a 34" waist - which means Capo's sizing chart is correct by saying 34-36 for XL. So I think you would be better off in the Small size without any fit issues elsewhere in the short. You should post a close up photo of the material of the Nico bibs to see what the pin stripes look like.