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"raji" must translate to "tiny hands"

sizes very, very small. i usually wear a size large in fox and other brand gloves, these i needed to order a XXL to get them to fit. even then, the hand and fingers were ok, but the crotch of the thumb was still very stretched and small for me. the regular size "large" fit like a childs glove. the general construction is good, nice and breathable. but the fit is off. if you cant find a glove because you have tiny tiny thumbs and nothing else fits right, these are the gloves for you.

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I had the same issue. I bought a large which usually fits perfect and it has some tightness in the crotch area. I really like these gloves as far as breathability but I can see the tightness being a problem for long rides. I was thinking about trying the XL before the XXL. I'm 6'0, what do you recommend?

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id split the difference and get the XLs. mine ended up stretching a tiny, tiny bit after some long rides when i sweated into them heavily.