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nothing on the back

super light! could easily and happily wear it all day. but the back pad, d30, vpd or otherwise, is simply too thin and unstructured to do a decent job for protecting you in a crash. no scapula protection. shoulders and chest are great, so that's the issue here.... great shoulder and chest armor, but the spine protection is a 3/8 foam pad? sure it's better than just foam, but it isn't rigid plastic, and this is your spine we're talking about here, I want some hard plastic on top of this foam please. The separate POC spine protector is sure nice (not sure that you can get it at hullnroll) and it should be part of this product.

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Hey I just got mine and it has the soft foam, and rubbery pad in another bag.
I was wondering if you did not get your rubber pad?
It's pretty dense although not hard shell, I had a hard time inserting it into the tee though.

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yo man do a little reading next time most of poc stuff is rated for moto through the EU standards (very high) the foam on the back stiffens instantly with impact, rather high tech stuff. half the armor out there has no ratings what so ever where this stuff has undergone testing by an independent government organization. if it can save your ass falling off a moto bike going 100k , I think it's good enough for mtb.