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not recommended

why do manufacturers make the backs of there jackets and jerseys black? so it is easier to get hit by a car?

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Yeah, black jackets and jerseys are insane. I have a Castelli Motirolo and I fear for my life (although I otherwise love the jacket). However, note that if you get the rear view of the above jersey off the gore website, it is actually quite red. See,default,sc.html

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The backs are usually black because of the rear tire. No one is going to want to wear a jacket or jersey that has literally a spray line of road stains thrown up onto your back from the rear wheel. Especially after going through a puddle. This is why most jackets and jersey have at the very least the dead center of the back as a black strip.

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Ironically KFK I found this jersey searching for color "yellow" and chose it for high visibility! I agree that black is not the safest color but luckily this jersey comes in safety yellow so why not give that a try and then reconsider whether it's really a 1-star product?