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mixed feelings

I bought this shoes to use on triathlons since they state they can be used without socks. So far, the experience has had it's positive and negative aspects. I have used them in 2 tris by now (one using socks, the other without), and also for training and some longer rides.

I had suffer minor scratches here and there when using without socks, but nothing too uncomfortable, and luckily that have not affect me during my competitions. I would just love that they caused no scratches at all, but I guess I will have to get used to that ...

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Any shoe is going to "scratch" your feet if you are active in the without socks. Your skin will toughen up after using them for some time.

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Yeah well after a few more triathlons and a whole lot more of rides, I am used to them a lot now. I use them with not sock all the time, even just for training.

I will definitively recommend this shoes. They are so easy to strap while riding and are really comfortable