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I was looking to replace a lost perl izumi forest green fleece jacket that was da bomb when I found this. When it arrived with another small item, I had doubts that both items had shipped. Okay, it's light. Fabric thickness -- nay, it's not a fabric but I'm at a loss to say what's the material and neither do the labels -- is about that of a trash bag. Advantage over a trash bag is, it won't flap in the wind -- at least not the part around the middle. It fits tight for a large -- tight under the arms, tight around the shoulders and tight around an older guy's too-big middle.

If you're thinking anything like ripstop nylon, think again. This ain't it. I have a fine nylon jacket that might do just as well. "Full length zipper vents heat" -- uh, yeh, if it's unzipped. And then, rain is coming in. It's a basic zipper up the front. Vents heat when removed, too, by that measure. Not as if it has vents anywhere else. It's a basic waterproof shield, but too tight to fit over even the lost pearl izumi forest green fleece zip up, or any other layers, not to mention middle-aged mid-section that gets a bit oversized after a few months away from aggressive daily workouts.

Still weighing whether to return this one. Not impressed. I might find it useful in an XL, but I'm overall a bit disappointed with Perl Izumi and much of the bike industry swapping out colors and products every year -- such disappointment triggered by the inability to replace the best bike jacket I'd owned with something similar. Didn't they get it right last year? Creating jobs for fashion designers and marketing people? Great, you got some of my money. I did my part. And I outsprinted some younger commuter on the way home without blowing a valve in my main fuel pump. At my age, it's the simple things that matter - the rest can seem a bit frivolous. I might be more please with myself wearing a trashbag and duct-tape rain cover in the rain.

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