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louis garneau x lite helmet

Louis Garneau clothing etc. has always been a favorite of mine. This is why I hesitated not to purchase the x - lite helmet. 1st the positive.
It is light and breathes well. But......that is where it stops. I must say the rest is sad. The parts which secure the helmet to your valuable head are very thin and skimpy at best. The worst part is the buckles at the ear drops and at the chin. These are the worse I have encountered in any and I mean any helmet. I ride approximately 130 to 150 miles per week. I have owned many helmets. The cinch buckles on this helmet never and I mean never hole their place. My 1st stop is approx. only 10.5 miles and I must adjust and cinch the chin strap (tighten) and most of the time the ear drop buckle also. It is very frustrating to deal with the skimpy and cheap buckle system on this expensive helmet. Save your money and look for another is all that I can recommend.

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Disagree fully with Martin's review. The strapping is just what can be expected from any helmet. Despite his broad experience , he seems to have had difficulty making the out- of- carton adjustments or he may be grappling with a shell that is too large.
My experience is complete satisfaction with quality of design and manufacture.

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The previous comment cites the "quality of design and manufacure", but says nothing about experience. To me, it's the experience that counts, and the negative review of the helmet based on the first rider's actual experience has the ring of truth.