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Gear Review

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less dorky, most comfortable

Helmets fit so subjectively from brand to brand, but after trying them all, this K50 completely dodged the dreaded "mushroom effect," and was the lowest profile (neither tall, nor wide), and most comfortable helmet I've ever put on. So much so, it almost has a vintage profile to it, as it sits so low on the head. The Up-N-Down system is a sneaky, hugely versatile, and very secure system which cradles the top of the neck (instead of the back of the head), and ensures the helmet simply disappears when worn, yet keeps it in place on those mach 2 descents. Ventilation and Coolmax pads are top quality, as is the "100% Made in Italy" construction.

* vents aren't terribly sunglasses-friendly, but I'll survive
* I'm about a 57.5, and the Large provides plenty of adjustability, whether or not a cap is being worn