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Gear Review

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improve the durability

I want to start by saying that these gloves have the absolute best palm out of any i've ever owned. They're nice and thin (which I like), and the fit is outstanding. The stretchiness it offers is great for preventing the bunching up on the palm I've experienced with other brands/models.

These gloves breathe extremely well. The microfiber wipe feels great.

My big issue with this glove is durability. The mesh fabric began to fray on the fingers just after a few short weeks of moderate use.
Also, the rubber protectors on the back of the glove began to peel off as well. Looks like they're held on by some clear glue.

For most gloves I wouldn't dock 2 stars for these durability issues, but I have to consider the price of these gloves in tandem with that. For 40+ dollars....I want to know that these gloves will last me a long time and be able to handle any punishment. Although these haven't catastrophically failed or fallen completely apart...they haven't exactly inspired confidence either. I have other gloves that have held up extremely well (Fox Digit) to all kinds of abuse.

In Summary - I absolutely LOVE the feel of these gloves. Just wish they were a little more durable.