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comfy biking shorts

I've worn them a few times now and i have to admit that they are comfy...i don't keep anything in my pockets when i ride for fear of whatever falling out of them but i don't think you'd be able to keep much in them in the first place. I wear a size 34 waist and have a little bit of a butt and good sized thighs and purchased a large in gunmetal and the chamois liner that is sewn in place is a nice touch, but i had to remove them to make sliding on the shorts a helluva lot easier. the liner is attached only at two points, which among other things causes them to get tangled all the time. I cut out the liner, but still use liners when riding and i noticed that getting the shorts on and off is so much easier!

good shorts, dry quick, non-restricting in my pedaling stride - not much more to describe...