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Gear Review

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awesome pump

this pump is great. i bought this model out of all of lezyne's models because it's the cheapest model that still has the full metal head. there's a steel floor drive for $10 less i think but it incorporates some plastic, and i wanted all metal. I don't care too much for the alloy models, as i don't inflate tires over 120psi, and this pump has the 160psi capability. if you ride tubular road tires, get the alloy version. the wood handle is beautiful, and the pearl white paint and aluminum base make this an overall very attractive piece. the operation is smooth. i've only had 2 minor problems. first, unless the threads on the head are all the way threaded on to the valve, it will not fill the tire. it's a little annoying sometimes to make sure you've threaded it all the way on. second, when unthreading the head from the valve, the rubber hose gets all twisted up, and its just annoying. neither of these are problems, just tricky to use the pump

overall, it's a great pump. it takes a little more time and care to get the head on the valve, but it works wonderfully, and never leaks. would definitely buy again.