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anytime, anywhere

love this stuff! i use it on a daily basis, as a treat at the end of my hike, during my bike rides, or just something to break up the monotony of drinking water all day. i especially love it when traveling or on an extended trip. traveling, i keep the tabs in my bag so that i can fill up my nalgene on the other side of security and drop some tabs to mask any funky tastes from the local water. backpacking, these tabs are so much lighter to carry than sugary mixes. plus the tubes keep the tabs from getting all messed up, no matter how long they're in my pack. only flavor i haven't tried is lemon tea. my three favorites are lemon+lime, fruit punch, and tri-berry.

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Steve, if you love this product for every day use, you may also want to try the U by Nuun product. It has a more tea-based flavor rather than a sports drink flavor. It also contains some vitamins in addition to the electrolytes. Final bonus, the tube contains more tablets so you have less to carry around. I use both products and love them both!!!