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You will need other accessories!

Ok I was really excited to upgrade to Speedplay Road Pedals due to their light weight and the ability to adjust up to 15 degrees of float. So I called and ordered them directly from the customer service rep. Well she didn't tell me all the other things I would need to go along with these pedals. Go to the Speedplay website and watch the installation and maintenance videos to learn what this all entails.

Here is the list of things you will want to buy with your pedals:

- SP Lubricant
- Speedplay Grease Gun and Grease:
- Speedplay Coffee Shop Covers: You should get these shoe covers in order to protect the speedplay plate mechanism from dirt and grime.

** Lastly you will need a torgue screw driver when installing the speedplay plates to your shoes. The torque pressure for applying the plate is 35 inch pounds. Over tightening the screws can damage the plates. Attaching the assembly to the base plate also requires the screws be tightened to no more than 20 inch pounds. If you over tighten these screws it can bind the cleat springs and prevent them from properly working. So I did a little homework for you and for $104 you can get a torque screw driver from Pro Torque Tools with TORQUE RANGE from: 0-50 in. lbs.:

Note: make sure if the road shoe you are using offers a speedplay plate be sure to buy it. The last thing you want is to find out the plates that came in the speedplay package are not exactly compatible with your shoe brand.

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Man did they see you coming. I have had my Speedplays for about 10 years now. I never bought a grease gun. I take mine to my shop and for a price of a six pack he greases them once a year. I have never had one problem with the pedal. I never bought a torque wrench. I just tightened down the screws and I have had no problems. Through the 10 years I have replaced multiple sets of cleats and I have never used a torque wrench and have never had one problem.

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Yep. The motion carries unanimously. They did see you coming!