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You can't beat a good wool sock

This is the part of the wardrobe that is easy to take for granted. However, on long rides (or runs), socks can play an important role in overall comfort and performance. Some people prefer synthetic fibers, which have some excellent benefits, but for my money it has to be wool.

There are few things on this earth more rewarding than a good wool sock. Do yourself a favor, get a few pairs. You will not be disappointed.

Sizing is accurate, fit is nice and snug, durability is juggernaut status.

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I agree. These are my new favorite socks. They are super comfortable, keep my normally sweaty feet dry, and they don't even smell that bad after a long hard day.

The only other wool apparel I had before were socks for snowboarding. That is changing now. All of my future sock/base layer purchases will be wool from now on.