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Gear Review

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Well made product

I got these for free during a Gore Bike Wear outerwear promotion. I feel like I can be pretty objective because they cost me zero dollars. These gloves are very well made. The panels and seams fit together like, well, a glove. The fabric is something similar to maybe a cold weather cycling short. The silicone grippers work extremely well, but because the fabric is so stretchy, the gloves can kind of twist and pull sometimes. For me, these are a bit thick to be used as liners in other gloves I have. Most of my gloves do not have that much extra space, and these would just make them tight. They don't have any padding so you may miss that on longer rides. The fabric does wick very well and dries very fast, but they're not really very wind resistant which can definitely become and issue on a bike. I did wear these quite a few times last fall and even this spring. They work pretty well, even if only in a narrow range. For me, 50 to 55F is pretty much it. Above, I don't need them, below, they're not enough. They fill the void between a full finger cycling glove and a softshell glove. I think these actually have a wider comfort range and more potential uses off the bike. They are great for running and other brisk activities where you don't have the added wind speed of being on a bike. Each one is not much bigger than a kleenex in your pocket, so you can always have them in cooler weather. I'm really not sure that I would have ever bought these on my own, but now that I have them, I do use them. They fit great and perform well as long as you're realistic about their capabilities.