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Well designed mountain bike short

These appear like a well made short and feel good to ride in, even for hours.

They are double and triple stitched everywhere and the materials appear very robust (although that also translates into a heavier short that will get heavier the more sweat and/or rain it absorbs).

The inseam length is a rad: they are not super long but come to knee cap when standing. When pedaling seated they fit nicely above and behind the knee and don't bunch behind. The Velcro adjusters on the hems are useful for keeping the opening tighter to your legs and out of the way of anything they might get caught up on on your bike.

The vents work; the front pockets are deep and roomy with magnetic closures (not sure on effectiveness of those) and there is a good sized zippered inner pocket in the left from pocket for anything you cannot lose.

As the reviewer previous to me advised, the back pockets are awesome. They are deep and off to the sides: really a great design.

Now, for the stuff that makes these 4 stars instead of 5. The previous iteration of the Singletracks were slammed for their lame snaps at the waist always popping. I have two pairs of these new Singletrack II shorts and for one pair the snaps were completely useless. If I just sat down they would pop. I took them to a shoe repair place and had the snaps replaced. Endura needs to fix that's unacceptable. For the cost of the replacements I should have exchanged these but at least this way I know I won't get another dud pair.

On the other pair I have the seam running up the backside was mis-stitched so there is a raw edge of fabric exposed. Again, quality control at Endura does not have the greatest rep, but even with this flaw I am sure these will stand up for years of abuse and it's just not worth hassle of exhanging.

Lastly, some of the big "endura" lettering down the left thigh is peeling off. I wish I could peel it all off. Either make it permanent or readily removable.

Sizing is bang on. I have read other reviews on these new Singletracks and many say to size up. Either their sizing is all over the map and mine just happen to be perfect size M's for my 33" waist or people need to measure their waist and stop basing their sveltness on the sizing of their Old Navy jeans.

So overall, minor issues aside, for the money I'd recommend these to anyone. They look good, fit well both on and off the bike; good for park or pedalling, and I'm confident they will last for many seasons.