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Gear Review

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Well built, not bad

I have had a Thule big mouth for probably about 8 years. It's a well built bike mount. I had some issues with the grip of the clamp on my large framed mountain bike. I use a bungee cord around the clap to make it a bit more solid and give me a little better piece of mind if I am driving on the freeway. I really don't have any major complaints on the build or functionality, but I really don't use it anymore. Since moving to a hitch mount bike rack I can say that I will probably never use a roof mount rack again. Putting the bike up on the roof rack and taking it down can be a pain. I have to open one of the back doors on my Jeep Grand Cherokee and step up on the door sill in order to reach the bike. It's a total pain versus using a hitch mounted rack. Overall, its a good product, but no longer for me.

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So are you going to sell your Big Mouth mount??

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Brianne - Sorry for the super late reply. I did not see your comment until this morning. I am guessing you have probably moved on, but I would consider selling it. It is still mounted on my Jeep, but hasn't been used in a long time.