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Well Named and Well Made

Mistral translates to 'Arctic Express' here in the NW. Indeed, it was in the 20's today. Best Windstopper model and in the top 2 of any cold weather glove I've worn. Same superb fabric and fit as Gore Tool Jacket. Fingertips are rubber shielded (brilliant!), snug'n'dextrous (write checks, count money, dial combo lock, computer modes, press light buttons) yet allowed good circulation. Incredibly thin for their warmth. Rode errands for five hours. Kept them on during transactions (most gloves lost while continual off/on) and shopping w/o sweating. Then long downhills @ 30 mph. and below 0 windchill. Remarkable comfort range! Palm padding is minimal, but adequate (so far). No leather palms or terry thumb fabric for your (most certainly) dripping nose. Only glove to compare is Pearl Izumi Cyclone. My palm is 10.25" circumference = XXL in both. Your hands are precious, they deserve top notch gloves! : )

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So would you say warmer, less warm, or about the same as the Cyclones?

I've been using the Cyclones in temps down to 15 deg F (mostly for MTB) and they are great once I get the heart rate up and the blood flowing, but I generally go through a 10-15 minute window at the beginning of the ride where my fingers get pretty much completely frozen out and gradually thaw until the gloves are a bit damp w/ sweat by the end of a 1.5 to 2 hour ride.

Basically, are these worth the $35-50 to try to improve on near perfection?