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Well Made, but Do Your Homework

My other bike has an SLX crank set and it rides good and works well. The M780 crank set will not make me go faster, but it will stand up to more punishment because of the superior manufacturing processes involved in making it. If you are going to invest in a M780 make sure you've already worked out the gear ratios you want on your entire drivetrain. The gear ratio between the M780 chain rings (24/32/42) and the Shimano M771 cog set (11/36) that I own are so close that I have to work harder than I want to in order to avoid overlapping gear combinations. I hardly use the granny gear going uphill and when I go all out with the 42t chain wheel on a downhill incline, I'm not getting the speed I want. Maybe a 2 x 10 with a larger chain wheel is my next step. Do your homework before you buy.

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I'm still looking for a "downhill incline" where I ride so I can blame my crank for my lack of speed too.