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Wear out fast

In my experience these cleats wear out very quickly. The yellow parts either wear down or snap off. A few years ago I converted to these from SPD cleats and I'm thinking that wasn't the best idea.

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I think you are doing something wrong eve4518054. The way the cleat is designed, the yellow part is not a part of the functioning mechanism of the cleat/pedal; it is simply there to make the cleat more durable (seeing as most cyclists can't avoid walking in them).
If the yellow parts are wearing down, I think you possibly walking in them too much. If the yellow parts are breaking off, perhaps you are putting your foot down and dragging the cleat on the ground before you come to a complete stop?
I agree, SPD cleats are more durable as they are made of metal, however, the SPD-SL platform is much bigger and feels more stable.

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I just got a set of yellow SPD-SL cleats with the PD-5700C pedals (105), and after about 20 minutes worth of total use (i.e. a single quick test ride), one of the rear yellow tabs simply came off entirely. Wasn't even wearing the shoes when it happened. I expected them to wear down in time, but not to snap off completely after a single jaunt through the neighborhood. I will be contacting Shimano for a replacement. Hopefully this was an isolated incident.