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Warm Glove - Thumbs Small

Didn't think I could find a single pair of gloves that would allow me to bike in temps below 32 degrees. Tried 3 pair of gloves...and was unhappy...until I discoverd the Countdowns. They are very warm...warmest I have used. I typically wear a medium glove...however, I needed to size up to a large with the Countdown. The inner waterproof Gore-Tex membrane causes the Thumb slots to be very 'short'. Ideal glove...for me...would be Medium Countdown fingers with Large Countdown thumbs. The wrist openings are also very 'tight'...the small wrist opening on the Medium gloves made it difficult to put on the 'second' glove. Great glove for warmth...would recommend that you size up.

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+1. I second the issue with the small thumbs and small wrist. The warmth and waterproofing if good. The small wrist and long fingers (or short thumbs) lead to some severe dexterity issues. I cannot recommend these for road biking. The dexterity is a huge issue with breaking and shifting.