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Wanted to love these

Wanted to love these for their uber-convenience while backpacking and for the reasons every other reviewer seems to love them, but I just didn't. Something about the taste didn't sit right with me, and unfortunately it was the only thing I brought along, so I drank water for the whole backpacking trip, and my buddies didn't want them either. I'll give it four stars, as is seems to do what it's supposed to do, I just didn't care for the taste.

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I will admit that some flavors are better than fact I don't usually recommend trying Banana or Kona Cola to a first time user as those flavors do taste pretty artificial. However, try the Strawberry Lemonade or the Citrus Fruit for a more mild flavor. Some folks will mix this at half strength for a more mild flavor or mix at double strength for more electrolytes and less cramping. That is one of the great features of this product, you have complete control over how it tastes and how it functions to meet your needs. I wouldn't give up on it completely, just try out a new flavor.

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I agree with Big Papa - try the Strawberry Lemonade. Its very subtle. I drink no diet sodas, almost no sugary drinks at all as I just don't like them and I really suffer on long, hot rides for depleted electrolytes. This drink really helped me. These drinks are NOT perfect but it is MUCH better than a bad ride and I personally realized the rest of the pack deals with the somewhat artificial taste in most of these types of drinks. I think for those of us that are really sensitive to the Sports/Diet drinks, this was the BEST I tried. There are so many that just make me gag, this drink really pretty good. My 2 cents...