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Gear Review

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Want to love this helmet, but I don't

I was looking for something with more coverage around the back of the head. This helmet looks like it has good coverage, but really does not since it sits so high on my head. This helmet is very comfortable, and I thought it was The One when I fist put it on, but then looked in a mirror and saw how high it sat and felt where it didn't cover as much of my head as I hoped. For a helmet universally described as "moto-style extended rear coverage", it really isnt. It makes me wonder what a helmet without this moto-style coverage armored yarmulke?

I can't knock the recon too badly though since I just don't like the way it sits on my head, and it isn't really the style I have in mind. If you don't mind something with less rear coverage, then this helmet will be great.