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Gear Review

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!!WARNING!! These shoes are stiff!

Out of the box, these shoes are like duct taping plywood to your feet. There is no curve to the soles; so after the heel strike, the shoe slaps to the floor. As I rock forward onto my toes , the shoe slips on the heel of my foot unless they are laced to vise-like tightness. After wearing the shoes for a month for biking and casual wear just to try to break them in, they are only slightly better. I would still be leery to wear these where even a brief hike-a-bike situation might be necessary.

The good news is that the shoes are good on the bike. The stiff sole works well on the pedals. The rubber on the soles grips the studs on the pedals ferociously. So far, there is no sign of the soles getting torn up by the studs. The main reason I chose these shoes was that they had no perforated or ventilated leather, so they are nice and warm for cold weather. The covered laces make cleaning the shoes after a muddy ride a cinch.

I have a pair of Shimano shoes for warmer weather that have a very stiff sole. They are much easier to walk in because of the curve built into the sole. I think Five Ten missed the mark here.