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Gear Review

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Very nice.

I usually don't buy cycling shoes on the net because I have wide square feet, and can't fit into most cycling shoes, but this sale was too good to pass up. Ordered on sunday and got them wednesday.

This is just an initial quick review of the fit, and not so much how they perform on the bike. Sorry!

I am currently using Shimano R220E(41.5) wide cycling shoes and Sidi Mega Dominators(42). The Fizik in a size 41 is slightly narrower than the Shimano wide versions, and noticeably narrower than the sidi Mega.

When I took the shoes out of the ridiculously ornate box, I was blown away by how beautifully made they were. Then I was a bit concerened by how narrow they looked. I had read that these shoes have ample toe box room, so I was hoping that they would work well with my boxy wide feet.

Once I actually tried the shoes on, I noticed the very high arch built into the sole. The uncomfortable feeling felt similar to what my custom orthotics feel like. Walking around, it feels painful, but on the bike, it gives stability to my pedaling, and is not noticeable. I felt that the shoes were tighter around the arch area than I am used to, but my feet have just enough room in the toe box. The left shoe felt like it had more arch built in that the right shoe. I just replaced the left insole with a thinner one, and now the fit feels perfect.

Hope to revise this review once I get some real riding in.

Happy holidays.

Very nice.