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Gear Review

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Very impressed.

My first pair of riding shoes were some cheap Shimano's... fit good and worked, but were one of those super ventilated shoes. They were not ideal for cold riding at all. I figured it was time for an upgrade on shoes and started shopping online.

I had ordered some DMT's prior to these... ones with the ratched/cable system. They were beautiful shoes, but the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever tried (including motocycle racing boots). The fit was terrible for my foot. I began to lose heart and considered going to a LBS. But that meant spending 2-3x the money.

I broke down and ordered (2) pairs of Mavics (something I saw another reviewer do); one of the Zxellium Ultimate in 9 and one of the Zxellium in 9.5. I liked both of the shoes, and I figured I would let fate decide which I kept. It turns out that the Zxellium Ultimate in the 9 was perfect for me. My feet are pretty 'regular', maybe a little on the slim side. For reference, I wear a 9 in Redwing work boots, and a 9.5 in Sketcher shoes. My Shimano road shoes are also a 43, so the 9 sizing seems very true. Keep in mind the velcro portions are also adjustable (the little flap can be moved to 3 different settings, besides the velcro adjustability), so unless your feet are quite wide, these should be fine.

I have worn these shoes on a couple of 25-30 mile rides, and have been nothing but impressed from the beginning. They seem to need very little breaking in for comfort and are noticeably stiffer than my cheaper Shimano shoes. I have ridden in 35 F with very thin shoe covers with no problems at all.

If you are unsure on your sizing, I would recommend ordering a couple of sizes and returning the ones that don't fit... saves a lot of time and frustration.