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Gear Review

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Very Nice. I like.

Rode these for 30 miles one day, and 45 the day after.

I've assessed these to suffice access to my ass. They're nice bibs is what I'm trying to say! The shoulder straps are nice and wide, not as snug as the Endurance bibs, the chamois isn't as plush but it is sufficient enough to out do some of my other bibs.

I thought "HEY! There's barely any pad!" Nope, it's just plush where it needs to be, and they remove excess pad where it's not needed.

They must have wizards that came up with this.

The low-pro design is nice, the huge logos kind of give it some flare, but I don't mind it. Wish it had more reflective tags such as the Endurance bibs, but they'll do!

Very happy with them, and the price should keep your wallet happy too!