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Gear Review

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Versatile jacket

I chose the jacket mainly because of the zip off sleeves. I didn't want to buy a shell and a vest, and this fit the bill for both. I have worn it a lot over the past 6 months or so. I have found Gore bike wear to be great quality and functional clothing. The zippered chest pocket is great for cell phone and to keeps gels from getting too thick in the cold. The two zippered pockets on the back securely hold lots of other stuff and the open mesh pocket in the middle holds the rolled up sleeves perfectly. I have gone out and had to remove the sleeves when I got too warm and I have had to put them on when I got too cold. I love the ability to adjust like that. It is totally windproof and highly water resistant. I wouldn't want to wear it in heavy rain, but it doesn't have a hood anyway. The fabric is somewhat substantial though. This is not one of those super light windbreakers that rolls up to the size of a banana. You could put it in a jersey pocket, but you're not going to forget its there. The only negative about this jacket is that after a while riding in the cold, you get some sweat/condensation inside. Its mostly only noticeable in that stuff in the zipped up pockets will have some moisture on it after riding for a while. Any wind or waterproof garment isn't going to breathe like one that isn't. Gore Windstopper is about as good as you're going to get. I have worn this in temps ranging from the mid 20's to the upper 50's. I would definitely recommend to a friend or buy it again.