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Gear Review

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Velocissimo shorts with upgraded padding

The basic external material and design of these is virtually identical to the Velocissimo Team shorts that I have . I think the reason why we get the "Endurance" name is because the other shorts have the mid-level KISS3 pad while these have the higher-end Progetto X2 pad. That's why you pay a $20 premium for these. Whether the more advanced pad offers greater comfort on longer rides I haven't yet been able to determine--I wear the Velocissimo shorts on 60+ rides and feel just as good. But then my rear end isn't a connoisseur with highly refined tastes in chamois.

In short, these are good shorts and I've no complaints; however, unless you know that the chamois is absolutely what you need then it might make better sense to get the Velocissimos. You won't go wrong with those, even on longish rides. Plus they have some cooler designs.