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Gear Review

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Ugh. Curses.

I was riding with a pair of old martial arts shoes. The soles were thin and somewhat slippery but they had cost me like $20 a few years ago and I didn't buy into all the 5.10 hype.

But I kept scraping my right ankles against my crank arms. After the third box of bandages I figured I needed to either take a break from riding, or buy some shoes that would protect my ankles a little better than the low tops I was riding in.

These Karvers are pretty sweet. The soles stuck to my pedals amazingly well. The ankle protection was awesome- and the main reason I bought this model over the other 5.10 offerings. The cover for the laces was nifty. They are extremely fugly but I ride a rigid single speed so I was already used to getting funny looks.

I wanted these shoes to work. I really did.

But my feet kept falling asleep.

At first I thought it was the saddle. My wife had just bought me a Brooks B-17 a few days before I got the Karver's in the mail. I had done one ride with it and my old shoes- but I hadn't noticed anything. Still, people complained that the Brooks took a long time to break in, so I figured it was the saddle and not my shoes that were causing my feet to go numb after 15 minutes of riding.
So I adjusted the saddle. Still went numb.
Adjusted the seatpost. Still went numb.
Took off the new saddle and put on my previous saddle. Still went numb.
Left on the old saddle, put on my old shoes. AH HA!!! No numbness!!
Put on my Brooks saddle, left on old shoes. No numbness!!!

The shoes FEEL like they fit. My toes aren't scrunched up, they aren't too lose. I can walk in them just fine, etc... but for some reason, when on the bike I lose feeling in like 15 minutes of pedaling.

Sucks balls.

My heart is filled with remorse. Farewell ugly ass shoes that could have been perfect had you not wronged my beautiful feet so greatly. We could have had something. I only even looked at 5.10 shoes because of your M1 armor like ankle protection. But now that I have drunk of the sweet stealth sole nectar- I can't stop and must find a loving foot partner that can deliver me that stickyness without numbness. Hopefully it is the Zebra Blue Freerides, they are almost as ugly as you are.