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Transitions = Amazing

I love these glasses. I wrote a review under the regular Flaks, so I feel as though I should review these because these are the ones I picked up. Specs: I got the Jet Black/Transition-Persimmon glasses above and they are AMAZING. I spent about three days of going to shops and trying the Half Jackets (regular and XLJ) and the Flaks (Regular and XLJ) in all different colors and lenses. I came to the conclusion that the Flaks are the way to go for sport-related use. I am not a fan of a lot of Oakleys weird, bulky stand-outish frames, which the Flaks are borderline. However, they fit my face (medium) very well and had to take the plunge. I would definitely recommend taking a trip to the Oakley website and playing around with the different lens filters. It is a really cool aplication and is the reason I picked up the Persimmon. Sweat, dirt, oil, rain and other particles of whatever that get on your glasses whilst participating in an activity are not an issue here. All of the Flaks come with a sort of Rain Ex layer which repels most things thrown at it. Also, when the "rubber" parts of the frame get wet from sweat, they stick to your face even more. No more playing around with your glasses when they start sliding. These things stay put. Alright, this review is long enough...pick up a pair of these and be prepared for visual perfection.