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Gear Review

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Top Speed that flats fast as well

Let's be honest, if you want the best tubular tire for speed, for one race, then this is your tire. If, on the other hand, you're looking for durability and long wear then you're looking at the wrong tire.

This tire is a low milage, expensive tire -- not recommended for your group ride!

This is perhaps the "only" tire type you will find (in a high-end tubular) which truly pumps up to an extremely high pressure (up to 220psi, I run at around 185 psi), and rolls on the very tip of the tire(for the ultimate reduction in rolling resistance).

Conversely, If you want decent speed without any worries regarding flats then I highly recommend the Continental Comp 19 at around 230 grams for the 28/19 tubular (170 psi easy). Now this is a great tire for the money.I hope this helps!Cheers!!!

Top Speed that flats fast as well