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Gear Review

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Too much fuss for too much meh

Some rambling observations;

It combines the worst of a pull over with the worst of a zip up, and it does so in a really stupid way. The design is unnecessarily silly and overly complicated, and with no benefit.

It does, as a shell, preform okay when bent over, once you get passed all the damned zippers that do nothing but get in the way. On the bike, while peddling, it conforms to the body well enough. I can't comment on it providing any protection beyond a bit of chilly humid wind, for which it was adequate (down to the mid 30s with a base layer and a wool jersey underneath). In some actual bad weather, I don't think I'd want caught in this.

And that's where I'm at with this; value. It is too fussy, and way overpriced for the little it does get right. Even way discounted, like I got it, it is still of frustrating little value.

This is the second Cutter product I'm considering sending back.